The Confession Tapes

Seven-part documentary series that examines false confessions. Premieres on Netflix September 8th. 

Reporting on American Infrastructure

Journalism for the Atlantic with an NEA grant.

Reporting on Gun Violence

Journalism for the Atlantic with a Joyce Foundation grant.

Foam Sweet Foam

Shown at Monte Vista Projects

Short Film premiered SXSW

Supported by Borscht Corp.

With materials and actual props used by The Reality Based Training Association, I assembled a living space that can completely absorb bullets.

This bullet-absorbent still life, constructed of foam furniture, is a replica of a replica. The RBTA, an advocacy group, proposes that these foam simulations are the best way to prepare officers for shooter scenarios, arguing that they allow “the brain and body to process the experience as if it were actually occurring.”

Off Ramp

Designed with Caltrans, this 1/4 scaled highway off-ramp will be placed in the desert.


Casa Wabi

Concrete model made at an artist residency in Puerto Escondido, MX.

Abandoned Texas Man Camps