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Active Shooter: An Officer's Guide to Survival

The Atlantic Journalism The Joyce Foundation

Short documentary about police training for mass shootings inside mock villages and schools.

Tunnel Vision, Hyperloop

The Atlantic & CityLab Journalism National Endowment for the Arts

A look inside Hyperloop Tech in downtown L.A.- a new vacuum-powered high-speed transit of the future.

Tunnel Vision, The Hudson River Tunnels

The Atlantic & CityLab Journalism National Endowment for the Arts

There's a rail bottleneck under the Hudson River, between New Jersey and Manhattan. One of the most important infrastructure projects of the century, the $20 billion Gateway Program, aims to alleviate this crippling congestion that trickles along the Northeast Corridor by drilling new tunnels through bedrock and beneath expensive real-estate.

Tunnel Vision, Seattle Tunnel Building

The Atlantic & CityLab Journalism National Endowment for the Arts

Seattle's unique geography, situated on a narrow band of land between stunning Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is contributing to an increasing number of traffic jams, especially as the city continues to experience a tech-fueled job boom. After decades of waiting, Seattle will soon have a new segment of light rail that will cut through some of the worst congestion.

American Dreams, Ramiro Gomez

The Atlantic Journalism

Ramiro Gomez paints domestic workers in scenes of L.A. luxury.

American Dreams, Wanda James

The Atlantic Journalism

How Wanda James, the first African American dispensary owner in the state, plans to tackle one of the fastest growing industries in America

Utah's Shrinking Salt Flats

National Geographic Journalism

Drivers worry the end of Utah salt flat racing is near.

Grassless lawns in California

National Geographic Journalism

L.A. County residents convert their lawns to a landscape that requires little to no watering.

Lompico Drought

National Geographic Journalism

Short documentary about a small town outside of Santa Cruz, CA that ran out of water during the drought

In the Flight Path

The Atlantic Journalism

Manchester Square, a small neighborhood bordering the LAX airport, has been slowing disappearing for the last 15 years.

Lights Out in the Rockaways

New York Times Edward R Murrow for Breaking News

Video Journalism for the New York Times during Hurricane Sandy.

Surviving in the Rockaways

New York Times Edward R Murrow for Breaking News

Video Journalism for the New York Times during Hurricane Sandy.

Middle Class Poverty

New York Times

Follow three families over three years as they struggle to overcome the Great Recession for the New York Times.

Writer's Block

The New Yorker Journalism

Writer's Block is a poetry workshop that meets every Wednesday at the Macomb Regional Correctional Facility, just outside Detroit. Many of its participants are serving life without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles.

Chris Burden


Short documentary profiling artist Chris Burden for MOCA Los Angeles.

Catherine Opie


Short documentary profiling artist Catherine Opie for MOCA Los Angeles.

Senga Nengudi


Short documentary profiling artist Senga Nengudi for MOCA Los Angeles.

Allied Works Architecture for the MET Museum

Allied Works

Bid video for Allied Works Architecture proposal to build the new Modern and Contemporary wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Spontaneous Interventions

Venice Architecture Biennale Chicago Cultural Center Governor's Island'

Installation video for the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale that rotated through the Central Gallery and featured web video interviews of architects, designers, and urbanists talking about the future of the American City.

New Urbanism

Architecture and Design Film Festival Seattle International Film Festival AIA Albuquerque Architecture in the City Festival, San Francisco

A twelve-part series exploring D.I.Y. urbanism, intervention, and adaptive re-use projects. Presented are imaginative and sustainable solutions for urban living, from rooftop farming to swimming pools made out of trash dumpsters.

Bjarke Ingels: High Riser

Venice Architecture Biennale NOWNESS

Young starchitect Bjarke Ingels talks manifestation, midwifery and shamanism while riding down the Venice canals in this short for NOWNESS.

Nebulous Theorem

Video for a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah. What happens to your sense of time at 700mph on surface so flat you can see the curvature of the Earth? Land speed designer and multi-record holder Jack Costella talks about it.

Experiments in Motion

Columbia GSAPP Audi Branded

A series of videos on a research initiative between Audi and Columbia University GSAPP to develop and test new paradigms in the relationship between motion, mobility and design. Features interviews with Mark Wigley, Dean of GSAPP, architects, urbanists, and researchers.

Osaka's 60s Love Hotel

Playboy Journalism Architecture

A rare glimpse inside one of Japan's last vintage love hotels.


Set against the harsh and forbidding backdrop of Death Valley, a woman sets off for a walkabout in the desert. Surreal landscapes create fantastic fata morganas and time is captured by the sun in this hybrid documentary.

The Kids

On an abandoned talc mine surrounded by the Kingston mountains in Death Valley, three local kids sit down on a cliff to have dinner.

Mars on Earth

Vice CNN

A group of scientists at the Mars Desert Research station simulate life on the Red Planet in a remote area of Utah. They conduct research in Goblin Valley, live off-grid in the "hab", and drive ATV rovers through the desert.


Short video sketch on a dry desert lake-bed used as a golf course.


Cinelan Hulu

Three-minute story for video publisher Cinelan on a 1970s experimental city and urban laboratory in the high desert of Arizona.

Lunar Healing

Cinelan Hulu

Three-minute story for video publisher Cinelan on experiments with moonlight using modern technology in the Sonoran desert.

Blowing up Asteroids with NASA and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Vice Motherboard

We ask NEEMO, NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, what it would take to stop an asteroid from hitting earth.

Immaculate Telegraphy

Vice Motherboard

Artist Jamie O'Shea builds an electric telegraph from scratch using only tools and materials found in the wilderness of New Jersey. Could the telegraph have existed in the Stone Age with the proper knowledge?

I was a Teenage Cryonicist

Vice Motherboard

I interviewed Matthew Deutsch- a singular teenager. He's made plans to put his brain on ice after he dies. At 17, he is very likely the youngest cryonics candidate in the world.

Invention Factory: How will we see the Invisible?

Vice GE

Scanning London from the 2nd tallest building-the BT Tower-with ScanLAB architects, 4D ultrasounds in Pasadena, and holograms with Brooklyn artist Matthew Schreiber.

Invention Factory: How will mind overcome matter?

Vice GE

From microelectronic brain implants that allow us to control machines with our thoughts, to training the brain to push the body past the limit at Red Bull.

Invention Factory: How will robots evolve?

Vice GE

From humanoid robots to exoskeletal suits that can make us faster and stronger, the true age of robotics has begun.

Invention Factory: How will the world get smaller?

Vice GE

We explore flying with Xcor, a private aerospace company taking suborbital trips in the next year, 3D printed jet engines, and FlyteNow- a ride-sharing company for air travel.

Invention Factory: How will love be deeper?

Vice GE

From mining the data of billions of online connections, to charting the brain's reaction to love, we search for enlightenment by exploring the patterns in the chaos of human emotion.

Invention Factory: How will we power the planet?

Vice GE

From trash to the ocean's tidal energy, all the energy we could ever need is around us if we look in the right places.

Invention Factory: How will we explore Earth's final frontier?

Vice GE

Ocean mapping the big blue sea with Google Brazil.

Invention Factory: How will everything be intelligent?

Vice GE

From cutting edge diagnostics on a championship race car, to smart bicycles that give us insight into the chaotic world of China's biggest city, we'll see how more intelligent machines are changing the way we live.

Invention Factory: How will we live forever?

Vice GE

From human genome sequencing and cloning to 3D printing parts of our body, science and technology is helping us better understand ourselves.